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  • Raw Material: biomass / wood materials, corn husks, peanut shells, rice husks...
  • Capacity: 60-800kg/h
  • Application: stand-alone pellet presses; small scale pellet making process; make pellets at home…
  • Raw Material: woody materials, biomass wastes and agricultural resides …
  • Capacity: 200-2000kg/h
  • Application: medium to large biomass wood pellet production, industrial pelletizing process…
  • Raw Material: all kinds of wood & biomass materials, straw, sawdust, bamboo, EFB fiber…
  • Capacity: 250-450kg/h
  • Application: large scale wood pelleting process; portable complete biomass pellet plant…
  • Raw Material: sawdust, wood residues, tree branches, twigs, paperboard…
  • Capacity: 120kg/h
  • Application: making wood briquettes; pressing biomass materials into rob-like fuel products…

Why GEMCO's biomass pellet mills so popular all over the world?

FuelPrice per unitAppliance EfficiencyCost per million BTU
Hardwood (air dried)$200 per tonne63%$15.87
Wood pellets$245 per cord78%$19.15
Natural gas$1.23 per therm78%$15.38
Fuel oil #2$4.6 per gallon78%$37.72
LP Gas / Propane$2.48 per gallon78%$34.81
Electricity12 cents per kWh100%$35.17
Coal$250 per ton75%$10.89
The data is updated on February 2016

From the above comparison, we can come see that coal is the cheapest fuel, but it harms the environment; natural gas costs cheaper than wood pellets, but it is non-renewable resource and not every place has natural gas; hardwood is also cheaper, but its burning efficiency is low and it does take much room to store because of its low density. So biomass wood pellets are the most cost-effective fuel source.

Our Advantages

Composition of pellet roller: High Alloy Steel

  • Resistant to abrasion and breakage
  • Produces durable pellets

Composition of pellet die: High Alloy Steel

  • Hardness is up to 55-60HRC;
  • Highly polished holes; increase output.
  • Reversible, double-sided die to reduce costs;
  • Best pellet die compression ratio.
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