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Wood Pellet Plant

Wood Pellet Plant

Wood pellet plant which is often referred as mobile pellet plant, is utilized to manufacture wood pellets for producing energy from ready raw materials (wood chips, sawdust, planer shavings, etc.). Pellet plants vary in size from 3 kilowatt to 375 kilowatt (five horsepower to 500 horsepower) or bigger. Production volume for wood pellets per wood pellet plant might range from 90 kilograms per hour to 8 tons per hour (200 pounds to 9 tons). Loose wood raw material is going to be compacted from about 100 kg/m3 to 650 kg/m3 (6.five lb/ft3 to 40.five lb/ft3) offering an incredibly dense and efficient item.

The wood pellets are produced from pellet mill equipment by way of pressing the raw material via tiny round holes in a die. And also the pellets are pushed from the inside out by rollers. The pellets are formed as a continuous cylinder shaped material and cut to length by a knife at the outside of the die.

Pellet plant contains 1 or more conditioning units installed above where liquids might be added to enhance pellet capability. Water is often added inside the type of steam resulting in firmer pellets.

From the container of a wood pellet plant, the wood feed stock falls into the centre of the wood pellet plant. Within the wood pellet plant, rollers and feed ploughs push the material into the holes of the die plate. The die plate is stationary and rollers rotate around the inner surface of the die, or the die rotates around the rollers. Outer knives cut the pellets to length necessary.

In a pellet plant, the wood pellets are transferred from the wood pellet plant, to a cooler/drier to eliminate the heat which is generated in the course of the press procedure. The moisture content of the pellets also is required to be decreased for durability in the course of storage and shipping. Pellets are then typically stored in silos or bins for bulk shipping or to be processed by packaging systems.

The pellets produced by pressing inside the wood pellet plant are utilized in energy producing systems including industrial boilers, pellet stoves and pellet barbeques. Each and every wood pellet will have close to the identical characteristics in size, moisture content and energy value.

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