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portable wood pellet mill

Compared with the high price of ring die pellet mill which is used for large scale production around the world, a portable wood pellet mill is a much more low-cost machine for a small scale production. A portable wood pellet mill mainly means the flat die pellet mill. The yield of such mill is simple and flexible enough for you to get the production that you need.

pellet production

The flat die pellet mill is designed reasonably and installed compactly, so you don’t have to worry about where to set the machine. There are various drive modes that you can choose: electricity, diesel oil, gasoline and PTO. We will present the diesel engine driven Model ZLSP 120A portable wood pellet mill here.
portable wood pellet mill
The ZLSP 120A pellet mill is an entry level machine for people who have no experience in pelletizing. You can make use of all the free organic matters you have, for example, leaves, grass, sawdust, hay, branches, and agro waste in your farm. Make sure you have crushed the large sized material to particles smaller than 1/4” and have dried the moisture approximately 15% for quality wood pellets. Only with diesel oil added, you can get pellets as you want.

Technical Data of Model ZLSP 120A Portable Wood Pellet Mill
Capacity(kg/h) Power(HP) Weight(kg) Packing Size(mm)
40-80 8 120 870*440*730
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