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Biomass Energy

Biomass EnergyEnergy resources are not only the material basis that people live by, but also the fundamental conditions of national economic development. As a major energy consumer, China mainly depends on fossil energy like coal, petroleum, and natural gas for its energy supply. However, the limitation of fossil energy and its pressure on the environment has resulted in its exploitation severely restricting the sustainable development of the economic society. PTO Pellet Mill for Sale>>

Now coal still possesses an overwhelmingly dominant position in thermal production fields of vapor and hot water. Nonetheless, belonging to nonrenewable energy, it can cause not only dust, oxysulfide, oxynitride, etc., but also massive discharge of green house gases as carbon dioxide in its usage, thereby resulting in global warming. Before the emergence of biomass pellet fuel, the replacement of coal can only be diesel oil, natural gas, and/or cogeneration. Natural gas is comparatively inexpensive. Yet because its resource is limited, most areas are lacking in a natural gas supply, thus its application in industrial and commercial fields is limited. Diesel oil can be purchased all over China, yet its price is high, and sometimes in some areas it is in short supply.


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