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PTO pellet machine
There are full of different types of pellet machine in the market. But have you heard of PTO pellet machine? In a word, PTO pellet machine refers to a kind of small pellet machine which can connect to a tractor using the power to make pellets.
wood pellet maker machine
No matter how superior quality does a wood pellet maker machine has, some common mal-function is inevitable. Actually, all mal-functions are derived from our careless maintenance and inspection in our daily use.
sawdust pellet making machine
It is a tendacy to produce wood pellets in your own home by customers, because the cost of purchasing sawdust pellet making machine is becoming a lot more costly with the benefits of wood pellets.
mini pellet mill
As known to all, mini pellet mill is an ideal machine utilized for making own pellets at home. So you need to understand how to make wood pellets and choose the proper gear and flat die. Producing wood pellets for heating and cooking at home
wood pelletizer
Believing that lots of people is familiar to wood pelletizer, which can make the wood wastes or agro-forestry wastes into the pellets energy. While how much knowledge do you know the wood pelletizer?
pellet extruder
Pellet extruder provides customers with the benefits in making any biomass pellets you would like.The fact is that you have to know about how to make biomass pellets formed by any biomass material as long as you think.

GEMCO Pellet Press Will Attend

Mar 27, 2014
GEMCO Pellet Press Will Attend 115th Canton Fair
GEMCO Pellet Press will attend the 115th Session China Import and Export Fair from Apr. 15-19, 2014....read more >>

Customer Visit from Filippines:

Dec 04, 2013
Customer Visit from Filippines: 500kg/h Wood Pellet Line
One of our customer from Filippines came visit our factory lately. He is a College Professor and he ...read more >>